What to expect

We pride ourselves on treating you, the patient, as an individual by looking at biomechanics and past history as a key to the evaluation, treatment, and management that is provided to our each individual patients. Patient education is a key value at PCC, so at-home patient specific stretches and exercises are given as a way to treat, recover, and rehabilitate in a more permanent manner. At PCC we promise to never cut corners on the treatment of our patients; YOUR treatment is geared toward you and your individual goals.

Assess-treat-reassess: Very often you will hear the Doctor say “Okay. Stand up and move around. How does that feel?” Our Doctors thrives on feed back from their patients to find the perfect treatment. Many share the same pain, but this pain has manifested in a very different way for each individual patient. Different responses to the same type of treatment can be normal, and therefore the more tools and techniques that we use at PCC equates to the many different ways that we are here to treat and rehabilitate each individual patient.


Chiropractic Wellness & Care

Chiropractic health wellness and care is a healing art that is based on scientific principles that the nervous system controls or influences trillions of interconnected cells in your body and through proper manipulation will allow your body to help heal itself.

Chronic Neck Pain

The human neck has a built-in shock absorber called a curve or lordosis and when you lose the curve, chronic pain can occur. Chronic neck pain can make your life less enjoyable and even make it harder to complete simple, routine tasks.


A subluxation is when your spinal bones lose their normal motion or position occurring from stress, trauma or chemical imbalances. Instead of treating the symptoms and pain, a chiropractor can help you realign your spine and decrease the need for drugs and help you regain lost movement in your back and spine.

Sports & Chiropractic

Major sports teams and even the U.S. Olympic Team rely on chiropractors to help treat minor problems before they magnify into sidelining injuries. Have a previous sports injury? Chiropractic manipulation can help ease the pain and even restore lost movement.

Children & Chiropractic

As children grow and participate in daily activities and play time, their musculoskeletal system experiences the same changes and adjustments as adults and can experience discomfort and misalignment of their bones. Trained chiropractors can help treat small issues before they grow into larger issues that can adversely affect how your child learns and grows.

Whiplash & Chiropractic

Auto accidents, including fender benders, can cause a sudden jolt of power upwards of 2-3x normal gravity on the occupant and subsequent pain, discomfort and other health issues. If you currently experience pain from a recent accident, chiropractic manipulation can help you to recover to your pre-accident self.

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